Study on standing desks as part of a more active workplace - Week 1 over

January 15, 2018

Study on standing desks as part of a more active workplace - Week 1 over

So as promised here is an update on how Stephen is getting on. Remember he is using a standing desk daily and also working in a cold warehouse about 50% of the day:

  • His sleep pattern has completely changed mostly he reckons due to the extra activity and cold. In his own words he hasn't slept so well since he was a teenager. 
  • Energy levels he reports to be higher although he is much more tired from around 9pm onwards. This he believes is due to the increase physical activity. 
  • Appetite. An unforeseen side effect. Constantly starving apparently. 
  • Weight loss. Yes 1 Kg so too little to mean much at this stage. We will have some stats after 1 month. 
  • BMI, body composition, blood pressure etc we will have end Jan as we need more data points. 
  • Back pain (he has issues). Massively improved. Si joint pain significantly reduced apparently. 
  • Muscular pain.Yes. Tired legs and sore muscles by the end of the day. 
So into week 2 he goes. It's a cold snap this week so he'll be freezing in the warehouse just as our boiler is fitted into the offices.

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