We love desk lamps and we don't think they are seen in enough offices. They allow you to set your own light levels during the day and also reduce the need for LED of Neon tube down lighting in offices which is known to cause levels of discomfort and stress in workers. 

In fact both these desk lamps feature LED light sources and can cut the cost of down-lighting by 80%. We believe that the payback in winter in a normal office is within 3 months. 

Features to look out for are the temperature control and sleep function on the temperature adjustable lamp (this also has a USB charging point) and the ultra cool round head lamp which also can be clamped to the desk to save space. 

A final message is think about the lighting in your office. The less flooded and more personal it is the better you will feel. 


LED Source

LED light sources have become very popular in recent years but they do need temperature control. Not the heat. The colour of the light. It needs to be adjustable. Clearly they are very energy efficient and also have a long lifetime so great for lighting costs and the environment. 

Circadian Rhythm 

Human beings have an internal body clock that means they wake up when it gets bright and go to sleep when it gets dark. This is linked to the colour of the light from the sun. So warm orange light in the evening (sunset) is a precursor for sleep. Your desk light should also be able to mimic this so it needs temperature control. 

The Right Light

Flickering light has a subliminal effect on human beings. Fluorescent tubes flicker at a high frequency which is imperceptible to the conscious eye but not the brain. Long periods of exposure can make some individuals feel more stressed and also tired. 

Too Much Intensity 

Most offices are too bright, too top (or ceiling) lit and have a lot of reflective light in them. Try to change your office lighting by having desk lamps and also some down lighters. These will make your office feel calmer especially in the cold and darker winter months.  

Good office lighting requires quite a bit of thought and design. We only carry a small off the shelf range but we can give you a lot of advice about lighting technology and schemes for offices. So if you have more questions just give us a call or just get in contact at