Gostand Sit Stand Desk Frames

Desk frames are what the desk-top sits on and they are essentially the main aspect of the desk. They contain the motors and electronics which control the desk. All our frames are made from mild steel and are powder coated and guaranteed for 2 years. 

To complete the frame you can either purchase a desk-top from us (essentially purchasing a desk) or you can use your own or even recycle your old one and help save the planet a tiny bit. 

The frame is delivered in a box 110cm x 28cm x 23cm and it weighs approx 30Kg. In the the box you will find:

  • The frame itself with motors pre-built into the legs
  • Power supply and cables which are foolproof to connect
  • Nuts, bolts and washers for assembly
  • Assembly instructions
  • Packaging to prevent damage in transit

All you need to assemble the frame is a Phillips Screwdriver (star headed for the non-technical) or a drill with a similar headed bit. Assembly time is 15 mins approx but we can do them in 5 mins. All pretty simple really. 

What our video assembly here and see our assembly instructions here. Animated assembly instructions are here. Any problems get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 

If that is still to much to handle you can purchase assembly and we will dispatch someone at a time convenient for you to come and assemble the unit. Cost varies depending on location. Click on the "purchase assembly" product below.