New MFC desk top colours now available

April 07, 2022

New MFC desk top colours now available

Our new MFC desk top colours are now available to purchase on our website. They were launched along with our new desk configurator this week and we have been delighted to see orders coming through for each of the new colours already. To find out more information on our MFC range of colours and finishes click here.

This has been a huge project for our website team, not only in adding the new desk top colours, but it’s great to finally see all the hours, days, and weeks of work that have gone into planning and building the new desk configurator finally come to fruition.

We would appreciate any feedback on the customer experience of using the new desk configurator so feel free to contact us by email or leave a note on your order. If anyone needs advice on how to use the desk configurator, we have uploaded video guidance in the help/support section of the website. Click here to watch the video.

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