Series 1 thin client mount


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With the SSA1011 multifunctional thin client mount, placing your CPU in a convenient, accessible place has never been easier. You'll be able to mount your CPU instead of leaving it on the floor to take up your foot space! The universal design adapts to the dimensions of the box, while its mounting interface attaches to a variety of objects: a VESA plate, directly to a desk, clamped to a pole. Straps are included for increased stability. It’s load capacity is 5kg/11lbs. The SSA1011 is not only a great organizational tool, but also reduces CPU’s internal contamination and extends equipment life and can even be attached to your monitor using product SSA1012. A cheap and simple solution which simplifies cabling enormously. Comes only in Black. 

    Data Sheet Installation Manual
    Materials Steel
    Finish Powder coat
    Weight 0.7Kg
    Width adjustment  17-70mm
    Max VESA size 100 mm x 100 mm