Desk-top sit-stand arm


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This really flexible solution provides a sit-stand solution which can be used in two ways. When standing the arm faces the user and can be adjusted to suits the users standing position. When sitting it can either be swung away from the user when not in use or it can simply be lowered so that the keyboard tray is on the desk. The unit clamps to the side of the desk away from the user and is easily mounted or removed by adjusting the clamps.

By the magic of geometry the system works well on a 800mm wide desk for someone between 5ft and 6ft 3in. They really are highly adjustable and yet stiff enough to type on and set your coffee on. They are one of the offices favorite products. We love the wall mount version. 

Data Sheet Installation Manual
Colour Silver
Materials Steel, Plastic, Aluminium
Swivel 180 degrees
Tilt 30 degrees
Arm extends 442mm
Max monitor weight 8Kg 
Monitor size 10 inches - 32 inches
Max VESA size 100 mm x 100 mm

Wondering why we have so little desk stock on our site?

Due to a cardboard shortage resulting from Covid and Brexit we have a shortage of desk-top boxes. Our supplier is due to deliver to us on Monday 18/01/21 at which time we will re-stock our desks. Sorry for the inconvenience.