Desk-top gas lift workstation


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Sometimes desk-top sit-stand solutions can be, well, a little cumbersome. A little robust. The sleek design of this height adjustable workstation however makes any desk look great. The keyboard/monitor part is physically connected  and raised using a gas lift. This means that the height of both can meet the needs of any user and the height level is infinitely adjustable.

When you want to sit down (hopefully on one of our many stools) all you need to do is lower the keyboard platform down to desk level and you still have access to the rest of your desk. The keyboard platform is only 25mm thick. In terms of stability the whole thing is anchored by a large steel plate with rubber anti-slip pads so it won't move unless you want to move it. 

If you want something really sleek choose the white option. Perfect for the modern office design. 

Data Sheet Installation Manual
Materials Steel, Plastic, Aluminium
Finish Powder coat, Anodised
Weight 27Kg
Height 140 degrees
Height adjustment  660-1120mm
Max monitor weight gas rising 7Kg  
Max monitor weight user assisted 11Kg
Monitor size 10 inches - 32 inches
Max VESA size 100 mm x 100 mm

Wondering why we have so little desk stock on our site?

Due to a cardboard shortage resulting from Covid and Brexit we have a shortage of desk-top boxes. Our supplier is due to deliver to us on Monday 18/01/21 at which time we will re-stock our desks. Sorry for the inconvenience.