Pricing FAQ

Our policy is to try and make our prices as cost effective and as simple as possible so you can make a well informed choice about what to purchase. 


Can I buy in a different currency?

Not at the moment. We use a platform called Shopify and we can only offer check-out in the store home currency. If you are a UK customer and wish to purchase in GBP then simply go to our UK website


Our company is registered for VAT in the Republic of Ireland. You will receive a VAT invoice after purchase which you can use to reclaim the VAT paid if you are VAT registered in the Republic of Ireland. The VAT rate used is the prevailing rate of Sales Tax as issued by the Revenue Commissioner. 

Why do the prices of larger desk-tops seem more expensive?

This has nothing to do with us fortunately. The extra expense is explained by the extra cost of shipping such large items. We simply cannot get the prices to be the same as our smaller desk-tops. 

Can I place a bulk order?

Absolutely and please do. You will receive some extra discount and cheaper delivery. 


Christmas Shipping 2020

Our last shipping day of 2020 will be the 15th December. We will re-commence shipping on 5th January 2021. We understand this is an extended period however from experience it prevents the damage, loss and disappointment of late deliveries we have historically seen during the hectic Christmas period.