How to shop VAT free with a valid VAT number

1. When you have added the item or items to your cart but BEFORE you hit the checkout button you will see the VAT ID input box. Add your full VAT number including the letters IE at the start. It will be verified against the EU VAT number database.



2. DO NOT try and reach the checkout using the quick view slide out checkout cart. As you can see you do not get access to the VAT input field. Instead hit the EDIT CART button and then you will be taken to the main cart page where you can enter your VAT number. 



3. If your VAT number is invalid then you will see this message This VAT number is invalid. This means you have input an invalid VAT number and cannot proceed with VAT free shopping. If you are unsure how to proceed at this point or would prefer to receive a VAT free commercial invoice for bank payment then it is best to contact us. 
4. If your VAT number is accepted you will be advanced to the start of the checkout process and will note that the price has been discounted to remove the VAT. Proceed through the checkout as you would in any normal website until your purchase has been confirmed. We will send an email to confirm your order which will contain an invoice link from which you can download your invoice. The invoice will have our VAT number on it and will be VAT free. 

Business customer and purchasing from outside of United Kingdom?
Then add your VAT number for VAT free purchasing. Don't forget to add the IE prefix for Irish VAT numbers!