FAQ's Product Purchasing Options and Queries

What is the difference between Pre-drilling and Metal Inserts

Our standard desktops are sold blank, with no holes drilled in. You can still assemble this way and it's not very difficult, but you do need to pierce the hard top surface of the desk-top.

Pre-drilling is when we drill small pilot holes in the underneath of the desktop to penetrate the hard surface. You can then screw easily into the softer core of the top to attach the desktop to the frame.

Metal inserts are metal components fitted into the underneath of the desktop. You attach the desktops to the frame by tightening screws into the inserts with a hex key. This removes the need for a screwdriver and means the top does not get punctured during assembly. It also means you can remove the top as many times as you need.

What does handset location mean?

The handset is your controller for raising/lowering your desk. It can be positioned anywhere on the underneath of the desktop but is best positioned at the front edge for easier access. If you have your desktop inserted or pre-drilled, you can choose to have it on the far right- or left-hand side. If you are assembling the desk without pre-drilling or inserts you can position it wherever suits you best.

If buying a manual desk it's where the handle is.

Can I have cable port holes cut but not buy cable ports?

No. A large part of the cost of the cable ports is putting them on the CNC machine and cutting them. To have cable port holes and but no port covers simply order plastic cable ports and when your desk arrives remove them.

Can I have a 25mm thick top and not an 18mm thick top?

Not any longer. We stopped manufacturing 25mm tops for a number of reasons:

  • They are not needed for anything more than aesthetic reasons. 18mm tops are perfectly strong to hold the maximum allowable weight of the desk. With inserts we can hang up to 50Kg from underneath the desk. There is no use case we ahve come across where 18mm tops were insufficient for the job.
  • 25mm tops are more environmentally unsound. It takes a lot more trees and a lot more energy to make a 25mm top.
  • They are above the legal lifting weight in the UK and difficult to handle when above 140cm x 80cm which we feel is unfair on our couriers.
  • It takes more fuel to transport them and also more fuel to get the jumbo sheets to our factory.

Is an 18mm thick desk top strong enough to hold my dual monitors?

Yes the desk tops are strong enough for office use, a thicker desk top is not required.

Our sit-stand desks have twin bars which run across underneath the desk to make the frame more stable. These provide significant support to the desk-top. So it is not necessary to have a super thick top.

Where are cable ports positioned?

We always position the centres 100mm from the back edge and 130/140mm from the side edge for 60/80mm ports.

Can I get a special sized desktop?

We currently do not have the capacity to offer this service.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak we have been inundated with orders and this a bespoke item that is time consuming to make. Unfortunately we do not have the machine time nor manpower currently to offer bespoke sizes.

We hope offer this again in 2021, please feel free to ask then if you are interested

How narrow/wide can I make my manual frame?

A manual frame can go down to 115cm at its narrowest setting, although at this point the handle will come out further than the side of the desk by approx 100mm.

How narrow/wide can I make my electric frame?

An electric frame can go down to 105cm at its narrowest setting,.

Can I set my manual so that I can set it to the highest possible height, but the handle will still fold away?

During installation set the legs to their highest position and then fit the handle. This will allow you to put the handle in the correct position to fold away while the legs are at their highest position.

How far in is the cable tray positioned if I select pre-drilling/inserts

The cable tray will be set approx 60mm from the back edge of the desk as standard unless a monitor arm is ordered with us in which case it will be positioned 90mm from the back edge of the desk.

Should you wish to have your cable tray a specific distance away from the back edge then you can advise us but there will be a programming charge for the CNC machine.

Should you wish to have it 90mm from the back edge when not ordering a monitor arm then put this in the order notes. It must be in the notes. Do not call or email as this is not 100% guaranteed to link to your order.