FAQ's Desk Comparisons and Specific Features

What is the difference between a Series 2 and a Series 3 desk?

Series 3 is our entry level frame which is perfect for small office/home office, it has a 3-year warranty rather than 5 year. The electronics and motors are 100% Chinese as is the frame manufacture. Aesthetically the frame has a different, less European look with slightly more gloss to the powder coat. Functionally it is largely the same as a eries 2 desk it is in the finish and refinement that the cost difference lies.

The Series 2 is a more commercial desk frame and has a better quality of metal work and powder coating and upgraded electrics and comes with the 5 year warranty. The drives and controls are made by Ti-Motion in Taiwan and the powder coating is full matt. The desk has a long pedigree and has longevity rates based on a large number of units sold into the market.

For a full analysis see this page https://www.gostand.co.uk/pages/desk-comparison

What is the difference between a Series 2 and a Series 2 Pro?

The series 2 Pro is a higher spec version of the Series 2, it has enhanced diagnostics in the control box so if anything were ever to go wrong it is much easier for us to work out the problem. It also has upgraded gearing in the motors and the components are all to higher tolerances. The Pro is also an improved version aesthetically with hidden glide holes on the legs and an improved design on the feet of the frame too.

You can also use the Bluetooth function on the handset to connect to a Standing App for your iPhone or Android phone allowing the option to control your desk height, memory function, customised sit/stand cycle, tracking/calculating calories burned and safety support-error alarm notices. There is twin USB ports on the handset.

For a full analysis see this page https://www.gostand.co.uk/pages/desk-comparison

What are the advantages of an electric over a manual desk?

This is not such a strange question and one we get asked a lot. So why electric over manual:


  • No need to wind the desk. This can be a deal breaker for some clients and some people develop a psychological barrier to wanting to wind the desk and so stop using the standing function. Strange but true.
  • You always end up at the same standing or seated height by using the memory function on the electric desk.
  • It's much smoother to move up and down.
  • Electric desks are more stable.
  • Electric desks do have a certain wow factor you will not get from a manual desk.
  • Our electric desks have a greater top height and height range.


  • Electric desks are more expensive.
  • You do have to plug them in so you need to be near an electrical outlet.
  • Manual desks should last forever as there is almost nothing to wear out.

So there you have it. Some of the advantages and disadvantages. For me electric every time. You only live once.