Aluminium Framed Separation Panels

Aluminium framed separation panels offer a more structured solution to an office providing a different vibe. The panels are larger, more defined and as they can be accessorized and are thus quite a strong feature of each workstation. Framed panels do provide a number of advantages: 


The Aluminium frame really does make them strong and quite large weights can be supported by them. This complements the metal frame of the sit-stand desks.   

Design Feel

The mixed materials give a different feel. The aluminium contrasts to the softer fabric and combines with the desk-top giving a greater colour pallet and texture pallet. The frame gives a more structured feel to the office design. Perhaps greater permanence.  


We sell a range of accessories which you can attach to the screen from cuppies to clocks. These will help leave your desk clutter free so you can get on with your work. Need to leave a note for a colleague. Your screen can have post-its placed on it and is even pinnable. 


As they are so strong and well made we offer a 5 year return to base on the frame and 1 year on the fabric. In you have any further questions just get in contact at